A Love Song Behind the Walls

Chalie and Kay

Doing Time With Charlie – A Love Song Behind the Walls

This is a book about falling deeply in love inside the walls and the ensuing courting, marriage and finally the death of Charlie. People who have an incarcerated loved one will identify with the surroundings. Those who never knew anyone in prison will see Charlie, a real person, who was incarcerated. He was drastically transformed into a lover of God and then a  builder of men. The rest of his life was spent doing what he could to help other men inside.
Christians will begin to question their heart attitude toward people as they compare Charlie with the mass media image of those in prison. Readers will see redemption perhaps in a way they had not expected. It will disarm the fears outside people have of interacting with incarcerated people. Charlie and Kay realized they could minister as a team even though they lived two and a half hours away from each other.

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