Jesus and Felons

Col. 1:3 For He has rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the Kingdom of His beloved Son.

As I read this morning I had a picture like the movies. You know when they have someone magically go from one reality to another? The picture of the first reality fades into a watery version of the new reality. God transfers us from the gross drooling and scary creatures in a place of confusion and pain and danger – then that scene gets watery. Dramatic music of some kind. Suddenly we are in a sunny cool day of delight, wonder and love in a green field of deep friendships. People were dancing and singing in the breeze. Each is under the deep care and protection of our Father.

This is our new reality- the Kingdom of His beloved Son. I have been actually rescued from the awful to the awesome peace and joy. But being in the land of the living still, we are in the world and not of it. Sometimes it is harsh but we are citizens of heaven. The truth is the most beautiful Kingdom we can imagine, and beyond that. In this world Jesus pours out on us all that we need. That is His abundance. Even when I have been totally out of food and money to buy it, He has provided a bag of food on the front steps when my kids were little. He has given me a dream job for my latter days on earth- in missions. My home is a haven for me. And I am surrounded by old friends and new who also dance in the Kingdom of His beloved Son.

Some of my newer friends are still sitting inside jails and prisons in this United States. It must be hard to see Jesus as they go day after day locked up with rules and regulations. But they are just as much in the Kingdom as me. It is an instant thing to believe. Suddenly I believed. Suddenly my buddies behind walls understood and believed. Jesus chose to die on the cross with a felon on each side on another cross. One of the felons was promised Paradise with Jesus that day. First place I ever saw that promise in the Bible. Look up felon. It means someone with more than a year punishment. These guys were robbers but they got the death sentence. So they were felons by a US definition. Pray for people in our jails and prisons


Love, Kay


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