Doing Time With Charlie The Book

Doing Time WIth Charlie

Kay decided it was time to tell others at her church that we are all missionaries. Grabbing a pen and paper, she began to write letters to build a friendship with an inmate named Charlie who was a faithful follower of Jesus and one of the leaders of Christian inmates at Maine State Prison.
Sentenced to life under maximum security for his crimes, he had already spent 25 years behind the iron bars. Kay believed prison to be a frightening place. Men in prison deserved to be there. Men in prison were dangerous. Men in prison could never change. Yet, the more Kay exchanged letters with Charlie, the more she learned about his life.

“As I read each letter from Charlie, another new thought dawned on me—that a person in prison could be radically changed. In theory, I knew this was true, because Jesus was changing me.” —Kay Page, author

As God changes us spiritually from the inside out, He found a way to change Charlie from inside his prison walls. There he found life in Christ, forgiveness, and Kay who later became his bride.


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