About Charlie and Kay

Charlie and I met after a friend had asked me if I wanted to write someone in prison. The whole story has been published in our book called appropriately Doing Time with Charlie.

Charlie grew up in the country part of Maine, and would have told you he is a country boy. I  grew up in the Burbs of Boston and moved to Maine. I have  lived in Maine longer than I did in Massachusetts. I have five kids from a previous marriage and so far twelve beautiful grandchildren as well as four step grandchildren.

We both came to know the Lord in a four day weekend. Charlie attended Kairos and I attended Cursillo. We fell in love inside the walls.

authors of book... #doingtimewithcharlie

Charlie and Kay Page authors of book… #doingtimewithcharlie

Charlie went on to be with the Lord but I am still on the move to see help come for those in prison all over the world.

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